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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(State-)Creative Destruction? Introducing the Afghanistan Compound Count

Dear Reader,
I have recently written a post for the World Security Institute's Brussels blog, with the above title. It is a bit like a follow-up on my earlier post, Aerial state-building in Afghanistan, with concerns about the consequences of too much dependence on the use of air power in Afghanistan. Consequences, including the ever regrettable civilian casualties that are also hurting COIN (counterinsurgency) efforts, as well as the partly redundant physical destruction the current level of reliance on air strikes goes together with. It's because of the latter that I'm talking in the title of my post about the introduction of a kind of Afghanistan Compound Count, similar to the Iraq Body Count you may have already heard of.
In the future I may, from time to time, link to posts I will put together for WSI. But I'd also like to use the opportunity to recommend you the writings of all of WSI Brussels' staff, just as I have occasionally already done that before, while I would also, of course, like to recommend you to stay tuned for more posts on this blog, too.

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