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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The 'Failed Neighbourhood Index'... Well, Sort Of

Dear Reader,
As on several other occasions before, I would like to recommend you to follow the link below this post to the World Security Institute's Brussels blog to get to a piece I have written on the recently issued Fund for Peace Failed States Index 2007 (see previous posts of mine for WSI here and here). The current post includes a security assessment of the EU's immediate neighbourhood on the basis of the FSI 2007's scores and rankings - not the only analytical tool that may be used for that purpose, but definitely one of the most recent and the more interesting resources available for such an overall assessment. So, read about how Montenegro is the country in the best shape among all direct neighbours of the Union right now, and of other notable findings and developments. The 'neighbourhood' further away from the EU also matters of course, but even in an age of global interdependence and interconnectedness, where everyone is said to be a global neighbour to everyone, arguably the nearer neighbours matter more.

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