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Monday, June 25, 2007

Der Spiegel on the Babel of holy war and the threat to Germany

MStFB Update
I have written in the previous days of the Talib suicide-bomber-graduation-ceremony-video where some 300 men (and boys) were seen preparing for what their leaders said would be attacks in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Germany. I have concluded then, that a lot of people on the footage of the event showed their faces rather carelessly for attackers supposedly trying to make it into post-industrial countries using sophisticated security technology (e.g. facial recognition tools). However, one shouldn't totally discount the possibility that at least some of the 300 (perhaps just a dozen) are actually preparing to do something outside Afghanistan - perhaps those haven't appeared on the video altogether. This piece of news here, for example, from the Pakistani Daily Times, from June 23, and these here and here from Der Spiegel might give you an idea of the 'traffic' going on, between Germany and Pakistan. So Germany, too, does look to be under threat. Fake passports, satellite phones, people illegally crossing borders, people who are already on the radar screen of German authorities, ideas about possible sensitive targets... that's certainly a lot of noise. Der Spiegel was prompted by all this to talk of the Afghan-Pakistani border region and Pakistan's tribal areas as a 'Babel of holy war', and that things are beginning to look there like time travel to before 9/11.
(P.S. And imagine the traffic then between the U.K. and Pakistan... a lot more ties between those two.)

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