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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Afghanistan's north feeling the pull of the south

MStFB Update
Just a really very short note, while I'm conferencing here in Wroclaw, Poland (more on this conferencing thing later on). Here's an update added to the issue of small PRTs in the north of Afghanistan. It is often pointed out in connection with places like Baghlan Province, where Hungary is running the local PRT, that for instance in Baghlan, in an area actually bigger than Kosovo, there are only about 200 Hungarian soldiers, while in Kosovo international forces number around 20,000.
Hungarian officer József Tokovicz's words, from around the beginning of May, quoted in a report dated May 6, may shed light on an important factor to be taken into account (my translation):
"Primarily it would be the Afghan National Army's duty, and then that of the Afghan National Police to guarantee security in the region (the north - P.M.). There is an Afghan corps, the 209th, but our problem is that one of its battalions is fighting in the south currently, and another battalion will start redeploying to the south on May 6, also to fight. As to the police, there'd be nothing wrong with the number of policemen available here, save for their low preparedness. Most of them are illiterate, can neither read or write, and they had minimal training".
So the fighting in the south is contributing to the undermanning of security tasks in the north, as you can see.

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