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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

An assessment of the potential Uruzgan spillover

MStFB News Commentary and Update: Yesterday I have posted on the Dutch-led Uruzgan Provincial Reconstruction Team's approach to reconstruction, the 'oil spot approach', warning of potential negative spillover effects it might have. Today I have just come across a new post on one of our prime Afghan expert's blog. Péter Wagner notes that the triangle between Lashkar Gah, Kandahar and Tarin Khowt is a hotbed of the Talib insurgency. I'm including a map here, showing you this triangle as well as its possible extension to include the capital of troubled Zabul Province, Qalat, in a quadrangle. You'll immediately notice that I simply had to include this map here, having written of the current NATO offensive around the Kajaki dam area in the previous days. In the post yesterday I mentioned the American complaint about the Taliban being able to project their insurgency from Uruzgan. Well, talking about projection: the rudimentary map I drew up, and the quadrangle on it, they look a bit like a beam of torchlight, don't they? Uruzgan is the torch, and the limits of the beam touch on Lashkar Gah (right on Helmand River) and Qalat. Don't blame it all on the Dutch, that wouldn't be correct, I'm sure, but this seems food for thought indeed.

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