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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Additional info on the Dutch mission in Uruzgan

MStFB Update
This is not that much connected to the issue of state failure in general here, rather only to my series of articles on the Dutch presence in Afghanistan. This very interesting post quotes from a Dutch daily the following info:
- The way things stand the Dutch mission in Uruzgan cannot continue after mid-2008, for the Dutch army cannot maintain it.
- shortage of spare parts to anything on the scale along trucks through Minimi machine guns to NVGs (night vision goggles), 120 mm mortars and Aladin UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is a problem.
- shortage of experienced personnel leaving the service also a problem. That includes medical staff as well as operators of Apache, Chinook and Cougar helicopters. The post quoted says "in case of an extended stay, the availability of only two Apaches can be guaranteed, Chinooks will have to be provided by another nation and Cougars will become a problem, all because of a shortage of personnel".
- the source of these problems: "years of continuous deployments and contingency operations in the Balkans, the Horn of Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan". Even though the post notes that the Dutch are among the best prepared among European countries for expeditionary missions.
The post also says Norway has already been approached to possibly take over Uruzgan from the Dutch after mid-2008, but they might have declined.
So, if all this is correct, then the coming summer review of the Dutch military presence in Uruzgan is likely to bring the decision that they won't keep up their military commitment there after mid-2008.

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