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Friday, March 23, 2007

Rich countries produce negative spill-over effects, too

The MStFB Spillover Monitor Report Series No. 1
As I have pointed out elsewhere already, rich or economically powerful states may produce negative spill-over effects, too-it's not an exclusive characteristic of 'developing' or poor countries. Thus, by my definition of state failure, which you can always check on the right flank of my blog, these countries can, too, produce state failure. If you feel shocked by this statement, that's one more reason to check my definition as I suggested. If you have already done that, or don't feel surprised by my statement at all, go on considering the following news report I summarise here.
Leading security software producer Symantec Corp. has recently published its latest Internet Security Threat Report. Here are some interesting details from the AP summary. Statistics provided for the second half of 2006.
- in the period mentioned, the third of all 'computer attacks' originated from the United States, 10 percent from China, 7 percent from Germany.
- 26 percent of the world's bot-infected computers were to be found in China by the end of 2006.
- the number of bot-infected computers rose by 29 percent in the period under review.
Small consolation is that according to the report many of the attacks are launched by one rival underground group against another.
The whole of the Symantec report can be accessed here.

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